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Vietnam visa cost in Ottawa, Canada

Applying for a visa though the Vietnam Embassy in Ottawa, Canada is a traditional way to get visa to Vietnam. However, this traditional way should be used when visa on arrival is NOT applicable (for those who enter Vietnam by land or cruise, for example) to save your time and money.

Nowadays, getting Vietnam visa from Canada is very simple. The applicants might visit the Vietnam Embassy or Consulates to apply for visa directly or select to apply for Vietnam visa online. As you know, applying for a visa at the Vietnam Embassy in Canada is not very cheap. The processing fee quoted by the Vietnam Embassy in Ottawa, Canada in 2014 varies from $130 to $150 for a 30-days single entry visa.
Moreover, these visa approval process will take 3-4 working days and the applicants will need to go there twice at least.

If you arrive in Vietnam by air, you are strongly recommended to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA), a good alternative to obtaining a full visa at the Vietnam Embassy. With our visa on arrival service, you will save 50% the total visa fee that you would pay for traditional method of obtaining a visa through the Vietnam Embassy in United States at least. You don't worry about its legitimacy as far as once issued, this visa is exactly the same as a visa issued by a Vietnam Embassy with same limitation and conditions attached to it. Learn more about how Vietnam visa on arrival works.

Cost of Vietnam visa on arrival from Canada via

Cost per Person
Normal Processing Fee Urgent
(8 - 24 hours)
(4 hours)
1-2 pax 3-5 pax 6-9 pax 10 pax +
1 month $ 15 $ 13 $ 11 $ 9 plus $ 15 plus $ 30 $ 25
3 months $ 32 $ 30 $ 28 $ 25 plus $ 15 plus $ 30 $ 25
<1 month $ 22 $ 20 $ 18 $ 16 plus $ 15 plus $ 30 $ 50
3 months $ 56 $ 54 $ 52 $ 50 plus $ 15 plus $ 30 $ 50

* 30 days Vietnam visa on arrival total service fee is just from 34 USD to 40 USD per 1 month single entry tourist visa (offered by
New stamping fee schemes from 23 November 2015:
- 1 month or 3 months single entry visa: 25 USD/ visa
- 1 month to 3 month multiple entry visa: 50 USD/ visa
- Upward 3 months to 6 months: 95 USD/ visa
- Upward 6 months to 1 year: 135 USD/ visa
- Upward 1 year to 2 years: 145 USD/ visa
- Upward 2 years to 5 years: 155 USD/ visa
Learn more about the reduction of visa stamping fee from 23, November 2015

Despite of its convenience, Vietnam visa on arrival is applicable to those travelling Vietnam by air only and the VOA process at arrival airport can be slow, particular at Ho Chi Minh City Airport. However, this sluggish process can be improved with our Vietnam immigration fast track service.
In case you wish to have a full Vietnam visa stamped on your passport prior to arriving in Vietnam, you could go to the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in US at the address given below to apply for a visa directly.

Where is the Vietnam Embassy in Canada?

Embassy of Vietnam in Ottawa, Canada

Address: 470 Wilbrod Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6M8, CANADA
Phone: (1613) 236 0772
Fax: (1613) 236 2704

Note: Office hours: Monday to Friday
Morning: 9.30 AM - 11.30 AM
Afternoon: 13.30 PM - 16.00 PM

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