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Advantage and disadvantage of Vietnam visa on arrival

There are some advantages and disadvantages of visa on arrival however it can be improve easily to make visa on arrival becoming a prominent method to get visa to Vietnam


  • The process of applying for a visa on arrival is rather simple and straightforward. Most agencies explain at great details how to get one on arrival and all agencies follow similar process so you will not be confused.
  • Visa on arrival saves both time and money - especially if you need one urgently.
  • No hassle with sending away the passport.
  • All done online - booking the visa, making payment and receiving the approval letter via internet


  • Visa on arrival works only with air travel thus if you plan to come to Vietnam by crossing the border on land or on a cruise, you cannot apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival.
  • The wait time at the airport can be long. You will have to wait in line from 15-30 minutes to get your visa stamp, though the traffic depends on where you are flying from and on what day.
  • Visa on arrival is often processed on a group basis - you may find your name on the list with another 15 applicants you probably will never know of.

How to improve the disadvantage of Vietnam visa on arrival?

  • You make sure that you will enter Vietnam by air before applying a visa on arrival. In case you plan to travel Vietnam by border crossing on land, you are pleased to apply for a visa at the Vietnam Embassy in the countries where you are staying or residing.
  • For the old man or women going with babies who couldn't stay for long time in line in front of Immigration Counter, we may help to provide fast track service. With this service, the travellers have to do nothing at arrival airport to get the visa stamped but our staff will render the service until it is completed. To apply for this service, the applicants should leave a message in the application form: "A fast track service needed"
  • We provide private visa approval letter for applicant or a group of applicant that they will have on their own letter which doesn't share with any other applicants. In this case, please drop a message in the application form: "A private visa approval letter needed"

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