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How to apply for Vietnam visa?

A number of options are available for the foreigners to apply for a Vietnam visa. You can visit the Vietnamese Embassy in the country where you are living or residing in person to apply for a visa directly or use the visa agent's services to simplify your visa achievement, especially in urgent cases. You can also apply for an e-visa if you are the citizens of eligible countries. Vietnam visa system has its own features that may not be the same as other countries you visited. Thus, the guidance on how to apply for Vietnam visa is recommended to read carefully.

There are 3 main options that you can apply for Vietnam visa:

1. Apply for Vietnam visa by yourself at the Vietnam Embassy abroad

As a traditional way to get visa to Vietnam, people might go to the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in the country where they are living or residing to apply for a visa before making a trip. There are some things you shouldn't miss when applying visa at the Vietnam Embassy in abroad:

- Requirements: You are requested to present a 6 months validity passport, a visa application form, and other documents required by the Vietnamese Embassy in your country. For business visa application, a letter of invitation is required.
A letter of invitation from applicant’s sponsor/host in Vietnam explaining the relationship to the applicant and the purpose of travel to Vietnam. In addition, the letter must indicate the length of stay, place of stay, and host’s name and contact information. The applicants can visit the embassy directly to apply for Vietnam visa in person or send the documents by post.

- Processing time: It takes 4 - 5 working days to process a tourist visa and 5 - 7 working days for business visa.

- Service fee: The service fees are various among embassies; for instance, it is about US$70 in Bangkok, Thailand and US$105 in Washington. Getting Vietnam visa at the Embassy in Thailand and Cambodia are cheaper than in Europe or America. Getting a visa on arrival is even cheaper and faster.

2. Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival through a local visa agency

There local visa agencies in Vietnam will work with the Vietnam Immigration Department on behalf of the customers to arrange their visa.

- We provide straightforwardly several types of Vietnam visa for the customers who wish to enter Vietnam from 1 to 3 months. The visitors will send a request for Vietnam visa on arrival by filling in the online application form. After 3 working days (normal processing) or 1 working day (urgent processing) or even in 2 - 4 working hours (emergency processing), the customers will get a visa approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. What they need to do now is just to print out the letter of approval, bring the copy of the letter to board the flight and get their completed visa stamp upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

- Requirements: The customers will prepare their valid passport and 2 passport photos which will be presented at arrival airport later. No original passport sending off before departure and no invitation letter is required.

- Processing time: Flexible (depending on your request), it can be 3 business days, 1 - 2 business day, or even few hours.

- Service fee: Current visa approval fee is $35 per visa on arrival (excluding the stamping fee of $25 for 1 - 3 month single entry visa or $50 for 1 - 3 months multiple entry visa or $95 for less than 6 months multiple entry visa) which will be paid directly at arrival airport.

3. Apply for Vietnam e-visa

Now all the foreigners with a valid passport are eligible for Vietnam e-visa and you can apply an e-visa online easily.

You can start by preparing a passport main page copy, a recently take portrait photo and a computer or smartphone connected to internet. You then access in the e-visa website to upload the photos and fill out the form, then make payment and wait to receive your e-visa. Normally, an e-visa will be ready within 3 - 5 working days however, in case the visa application needs to be further verified by the Vietnam Immigration Department, you will receive the evisa within 15 days. If you don't have much time, you can start applying an e-visa with us and receive the result within 1 working days or 4 working hours only.

Here below are things should be noted before making an online application:

Determine your eligible

Make sure that you are not in inadmissibility cases and not in the Vietnam visa exception list. Besides, you are also requested to follow Vietnamese customs regulations to avoid of troublesome.

Travel documents

You must have a valid passport which its validity is at least 6 months with blank pages for visa stamp. Other travel documents won't be accepted.

Check visa requirement

Before you plan your visit, you should find out if you need a visa to enter Vietnam or not

Processing time

Normally, a visa approval letter will be ready within 3 working days or 3 - 5 working days for the e-visa. In some special cases, you can have make a rush Vietnam visa application that visa approval letter will be done in a few hours.

Apply for a visa

Go online application to fill in the form, make a payment as the guidance and got a visa approval letter delivered via email.

Prepare for your arrival

You'll need to print out the approval letter (color preferred but not required), prepare 2 passport-sized photos, a fully filled Entry and exit form and stamping fee to pay directly to Immigration Counter at arrival airports.

Extend your visa

To extend your stay in Vietnam, you should apply at least 7 - 10 days before your visa date of expiry

For further information, please contact us via email or call us (84) 912 685 141

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