e-vietnamvisa.com offers 20% discount of Vietnam visa to the return customers



Grateful to our customers who have been going with us over last 6 years, we would like to express our gratitude by offering a special program on Vietnam visa processing fee discounted up to 20% to the return customers.

This promotional program is granted to those who have applied for a Vietnam visa through our website www.e-vietnamvisa.com successfully at least 1 time. From the 2nd time, you are given a promotional discount code going with the registered email. When making an online application, you just need to provide these information and the processing fee will be discounted 20% automatically. The discounted amount will not be limited, depending on your application amount, and anyone who own this promotional code can enjoy it.

How to get your visa application discounted directly in our website?

Step 1: Go online at our Vietnam visa application form and select “Apply with promotional code”

Step 2: Enter the promotional code we provided in the last application with your email

Step 3: Fill in all required information and the processing fee will be calculated automatically. You can see the detail bill of summary while making an application and how much will your application be discounted.

Step 4: Conduct a payment and wait for our approval letter delivered via email within 2 working days maximum. In urgent cases, it will be ready in 1 or 2 hours only.

For further information about this program, you feel free to contact us via email vietnamvisabooking@gmail.com or by phone number +84 912 685 141


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