Common mistakes may happen to e-visa Vietnam 2019

1. Delayed delivery
Normally, e-visa will be delivered within 3 working days. Sometime, your visa approval may take up 1 week or more. In this case, you should think about the posibility that your e-visa application is rejected by the Vietnam Immigration Department. You should check your inbox to make sure that you don’t miss any email form the Vietnam Immigration Department. Otherwise, you will need to contact them via phone or email as soon as possible.
Please note that e-visa is at trial stage and the Vietnam Immigration Department is busy with a mountain of work that their support may not be efficient enough. Please be patient!
If you don’t hear anything from them and you fail to contact them after much effort, you may need another way and Vietnam visa on arrival is highly recommended.

2. Typos or spelling mistake
Once you receive your e-visa from the Vietnam Immigration Department, please double check the information against your passport carefully. You also need to check other important information like the proposed date of arrival, entry port, visa type… to make sure everything is correct. If there is any mistake, please contact the Vietnam Immigration Department as soon as possible to correct it. Any small mistake may cause a serious problem when you checking in.

3. Port of entry changes
You have 28 entry ports including airports, border gates on land and sea ports. You will choose 1 and it could not be changed after e-visa issued.

4. Money refund
If your visa is rejected by the Vietnam Immigration Department, your money will not be refunded.

5. Passport images
You should take a picture of your passport clearly, full page with 2 ICAO lines included. You may see the warning from the Vietnam Immigration Department said: “Passport data image is incorrect”. In this case you will need to take another copy of your passport and resubmit.
The photos and picture of your passport should not be taken at super high quality with too big size. Try to resize the photos to less than 1,024kb before uploading to the visa portal.

6. Payment issues
The Vietnam Immigration Department co-operate with 3rd party to provide the online payment method. The portal sometime is broken and you could not complete the payment with your credit cards or debit cards. In this case you should leave it back and try with another browser later.

7. Download e-visa problem
You got a notification from the system informing that your e-visa completed however you can not download it in PDF. Please try to take a snapshot of the screen and print it. Although the image quality is not good enough, you can explain to the immigration officers at visa desk about the difficulty and you will go through.

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List of 80 countries whose citizens are eligible for Vietnam e-visas by 2022

Citizens of 40 countries will be able to apply for 30-day, single-entry e-visas starting February 1, 2017.
And from December 2, Vietnam has added more six countries to the list.

UPDATE: At present, 80 countries whose citizens are eligible for e-visa for Vietnam. Please see full list below:

1. Andorra
2. Argentina
3. Armenia
4. Australia
5. Austria
6. Azerbaijan
7. Belarus
8. Belgium
9. Bosnia and Herzegovina
10. Brazil
11. Brunei
12. Bulgaria
13. Canada
14. Chile
15. China (also applicable to Hong Kong and Macau passport holders)
16. Colombia
17. Croatia
18. Cuba
19. Cyprus
20. Czech Republic
21. Denmark
22. Estonia
23. Fiji
24. Finland
25. France
26. Georgia
27. Germany
28. Greece
29. Hungary
30. Iceland
31. India
32. Ireland
33. Italy
34. Japan
35. Kazakhstan
36. Latvia
37. Liechtenstein
38. Lithiuania
39. Luxembourg
40. Macedonia
41. Malta
42. Marshall Islands
43. Mexico
44. Micronesia
45. Moldova
46. Monaco
47. Mongolia
48. Montenegro
49. Myanmar
50. Norway
51. Nauru
52. The Netherlands
53. New Zealand
54. Palau
55. Panama
56. Papua New Guinea
57. Peru
58. The Philippines
59. Poland
60. Portugal
61. Qatar
62. Romania
63. Russia
64. Salomon Islands
65. San Marino
66. Serbia
67. Slovakia
68. Slovenia
69. South Korea
70. Spain
71. Sweden
72. Switzerland
73. Timor Leste
74. United Kingdom
75. United States of America
76. The U.A.E.
77. Uruguay
78. Vanuatu
79. Venezuela
80. Western Samoa

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Vietnam visa fee for US changed from August 24, 2016

We would like to inform that starting from now August 24, 2016, the new policy on Vietnam visa for US citizens officially takes effect.

According to the bilateral diplomatic note No. 173/NG-LS, in order to further develop the bilateral relationship between the two countries on the basis of mutual understanding and benefit, in order to enhance the relations in the fields of economy, culture, science and technology, and to encourage travels of citizens of both countries, all the request for tourist visa for US citizens will be automatically change to 1 year multiple entries visa.

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Vietnam visa waiver for French from the 2nd entry onwards

From July 1st 2015 to June 30th 2016, the citizens of France visitors will not need a visa to Vietnam for less than 15 days of stay (more about Vietnam visa exemption). For those who make a plan to stay in Vietnam for a short time (less than 15 days) and do not re-turn to the country before going back home, that is no problem. However, if you schedule a long trip with the return to Vietnam after 1 or 2 weeks, you should give careful consideration to the visa requirement then. Continue reading

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Can I use both Vietnam visa issued by the Embassy and visa on arrival for my multiple entry?

I applied for a visa through the Vietnam Embassy and received it.  I leave for Vietnam on Oct. 12th, 2014.  My problem is I received a single entry visa and have found out I will be needing to enter Vietnam one more time.  I am in Vietnam for 2 weeks then go to Cambodia for a visit.  I would like to get another single entry  arrival visa from you and then use when I return from Cambodia.  Is this a problem?  Can I have two single entry visas at the same time and use them separately or do I need to start over and get a new visa for multiple entry?  What happens with the old visa?  Thanks so much.

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How many blank page of the passport is required for Vietnam visa?

Dear e-Vietnamvisa team,

I have an inquiry regarding the VOA process.
I would like to know if travelers require a full blank page in their passport to complete the VOA process once in Vietnam or is the VOA document and presentation of the passport all that is required for completion of the process?
I currently have space in my passport for stamps, however no full spare pages for a visa sticker.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Can I enter Vietnam earlier than the date given in the letter of approval?


Actually I have a visa approval letter for arrival already for July 28th. However, I need to enter Vietnam earlier than that date since I have a sudden business here.  Is it possible to arrive on July 27th and request for admission with it?

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6 months Vietnam visa for UK national

Hi Vietnam visa,

I was invited to visit Vietnam and work as an English teacher for 6 months. I am expecting to have a 6 months Vietnam visa now. I know that 3 months multiple entry visa upon arrival is available however I don’t want to extend my visa every 3 months.

My question: Is that 6 months multiple entry Vietnam visa on arrival available now? How long does it take to process such a long visa?

Falon Klass Continue reading

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Can Russians cross Vietnam border on land without visa?

I am a Russia passport holder. I know that Vietnam immigration policy allows the Russian citizens enter and exit Vietnam within 15 days without visa. However, I don’t know if visa is required when I enter Vietnam via border gate on land (at Moc Bai International Border Gate). Your help will be appreciated. Continue reading

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A long name has been cut in VOA approval letter


I checked the data on the letter of approval for my Vietnam visa on arrival and found that the name of my girlfriend is written:
“Angel Leane Fatimine Dunjasiat Jasmin H.”
Her five given names (Angel Leane Fatimine Dunjasiat Jasmin) are written completely. But her family name Herringeras is written “H”. Will it cause any trouble for her entry upon arrival? We should ensure that there won’t be a problem with the Vietnam immigration procedures at the airport.

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