Entering Vietnam with a valid visa in an expired passport

My old passport with a valid Vietnam visa stamped on is expired some days ago. Fortunately, my cancelled passport has been cut off the corners and it doesn’t deface any of pages. Though I will travel together with my new passport, is this possible to enter Vietnam via Saigon airport with my expired passport attached a valid visa or I must apply for a new visa?

Adam Ng.


Hi Adam,

Basically, when your passport is cancelled by the issuing authority, your visa is expired too (if you look at your visa, you can find your cancelled passport number printed on it). However, you can still have your current visa transferred to your new passport. At Saigon airport, you’ll have to pay 15 USD for this work.

If you are worrying about the complicated procedures of this visa transfer, you can have our immigration fast track service support. Our specialist will take responsibility to work with the Immigration Officers to get a visa stamped in your new passport.

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