A long name has been cut in VOA approval letter


I checked the data on the letter of approval for my Vietnam visa on arrival and found that the name of my girlfriend is written:
“Angel Leane Fatimine Dunjasiat Jasmin H.”
Her five given names (Angel Leane Fatimine Dunjasiat Jasmin) are written completely. But her family name Herringeras is written “H”. Will it cause any trouble for her entry upon arrival? We should ensure that there won’t be a problem with the Vietnam immigration procedures at the airport.


Hi Christopher,

As the Vietnam Immigration Department is using a software that couldn’t display fully a long name of the customers that some words of the name might be  abbreviated (not hidden). However, if other information is correct (date of birth, nationality, passport number and entry date), you won’t have any trouble with this writing at all.

Kind regards,

Alex Zhoumin



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