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Vietnam visa requirements for Latvian citizens

The Latvian tourists and businessmen are wondering if they need a visa to Vietnam or not. Here you can find the right answer for Vietnam visa requirements for Latvian citizens going to travel Vietnam in 2024.

Vietnam immigration policies regulated that almost the residents of the countries must have Vietnam visa prior to arriving Vietnam, except the citizens of Vietnam visa exempted countries. You should check carefully if you are in the Vietnam visa exemption list or you are obligated to apply for a Vietnam visa before entering country.

Is Vietnam visa required for Latvian citizens?

"Yes, Latvian citizens do need a visa to enter Vietnam"

Latvia is one of the 26 European countries forming the Schengen area which have no border controls between them. However, visa is one of the many things for which Latvian citizens need to prepare before traveling to Vietnam.

"Visa ir tikai viena no daudzām lietām, par kurām jums sagatavoties pirms ceļojuma Vjetnama. Vjetnama imigrācijas politika reglamentē, ka gandrīz iedzīvotāji no valstīm ir jābūt Vjetnama vīza pirms ieceļošanas Vjetnamu, izņemot vīzas atbrīvoto valstu iedzīvotājiem. Jūs esat apmierināti, lai pārbaudītu, ja Jums ir Vjetnama vīzu atbrīvoti iedzīvotāji, vai jums ir pienākums būt Vjetnama vīza vai Vjetnama apstiprinājuma vēstule pirms ierašanās Vjetnamu. Tas saglabās jūs prom no daudzām nepatikšanām laikā jūsu ierakstu."

From Latvia, the applicants may apply for Vietnam visa by 3 options:

  • Apply for a Vietnam e-visa to stay in Vietnam for 90 days maximum with a single or multiple entry. Vietnam e-visa is applicable for all the nationalities including the Latvian citizens. Normally, it takes 3 - 5 working days to complete an e-visa application. Sometimes it takes up 15 working days if the visa application need to be further verified by the Vietnam Immigration Department.
    If you don't want to wait too long, you can start applying an urgent e-visa with us to receive the visa within 1 working day or even 4 working hours. It is greatly useful in case you need to travel Vietnam urgently or your issued e-visa contains a mistake and you need to repair at the last minutes.
  • Get a visa on arrival within 3 - 5 working days or just just a few hours with our rush Vietnam visa. It is beneficial for those whose e-visa application is pending or denied at very last minutes. However, visa on arrival is applicable for the entries via airport only. See more how it works.

    When applying for Vietnam visa on arrival, there is NO document and original passport required. The applicants just need to provide the visa information by filling in the online application form with full name, gender, date of birth, nationality and passport number. A letter of approval issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department will be delivered via email at a given time.

  • Get a traditional Vietnam visa from Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in Latvia and it takes 3 - 5 working days
    Required documents for Vietnam Embassy visa application include original passport, application form attached with 1 photo and visa fees.

If you have any further queries, comments or feedback, please kindly call us by phone/whatsapp +84-912-685-141 or send an email to We are happy to assist you at our best.

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