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One year visa on arrival to offer US citizens by 2016

Vietnam to offer US visitors one-year visa to boost investment, tourism from June 2016

The length of Vietnam‘s tourist and business visas is set to be extended to one year for US travellers, following a proposal discussed and agreed to at Vietnam’s National Assembly meeting in April. In previous time, citizens of the US can only apply for single-entry three-month visas to visit Vietnam, while Vietnamese citizens visiting the US are eligible to apply for multi-entry 12-month visas. As the result, US travellers normally applied for 3 months multiple entry visa first and then, have it renewed or extended for more 3 months of stay when their visa is about to expire. Another way is to apply for 6 month multiple entry visa at the Vietnam Embassy in Laos or Cambodia where the visa policy is more “open”.

However, both these ways are not always convenient as it will take many days and be expensive. In order to extend or renew your visa, the travellers have to send off their passport to the Vietnam Immigration Department for 5-7 working days. If you are suddenly in urgent need of your passport (to work with the banks, lawyer or local authorities…) during these days, it is really inconvenient. In another option, you will have to fly out of Vietnam for Laos or Cambodia and stay there some days waiting for your new 6 months visa approved. It is obviously costly way as you have to move such a long way and stay in other country just for visa approval.

Now it is no longer a problem with 1 year multiple entry Vietnam visa on arrival processed by from June 2016. It is time for the US citizens to stay in Vietnam up to 12 months without extending their visa periodically. The procedure of 1 year visa application is exactly the same as of 1 or 3 months multiple visa on arrival, that is:

» Fill out online application form;
» Confirm and pay service fee;
» Get visa approval letter and prepare necessary things (valid passport, photos, stamping fee…) before boarding your plane;
» Get your visa stamped at arrival airport.

For more detail about how Vietnam visa on arrival, please refer to our Vietnam visa guidance page.

Different to the visa submitted at the Vietnam Embassy, US travellers don't need any other documents like: sponsored documents from a Vietnamese company, round trip air ticket, hotel booking receipt... They just need to send the passport information online and inform the date of departure. That's all.

Since now and then, US travellers can stay in Vietnam longer without extending or renewing your visa every 3 or 6 months. That's really a good news as you don’t have to fly out of Vietnam at the end of 3 or 6 month period. With 1 year multiple entry visa, you can enter and exit Vietnam as many times as you can within 12 months without paying any kind of fee from 2nd entry onwards. The stamping fee paying in cash at the 1st entry is 136 USD per visa.

However, Vietnam Immigration Department policies on 1 year multiple entry visa may be changed without prior notice. Therefore, you should contact us before making your 1 year visa application by email or phone +84 912 685 141. We are happy to assist you at our best!

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