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5 common mistakes when applying for Vietnam e-visa after the Covid 19 pandemic

After the pandemic, the Vietnam government restored the visa policy to the pre-pandemic state from March 15, 2022.

After the pandemic, the Vietnam government restored the visa policy to the pre-pandemic state. There are 80 countries whose citizens are eligible for 30 days single entry e-visa; 13 countries whose citizens are allowed to travel Vietnam with 15 days visa free including Belarus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia; some other bilateral and unilateral visa exemption countries are granted 15 - 30 visa free… in which e-visa is the most popular. We list down the common mistakes in Vietnam e-visa applications that will help you to avoid them.

1. Incorrect passport photo and portrait

Before applying for an e-visa, the applicants should prepare a passport photo and recently taken portrait. The photos must be clear enough, size less than 2MB, stored in JPG or PNG format. It also must be taken within 6 months in normal street attire, straight view, plain background without dark glasses, hat or headgear that obscures the hair or hairline.

Sometimes, the applicants make use of the photos stored in the smartphone that have been taken in a messy background, blurry and unable to identify. When uploading the photo in the application form, the first form field should be the portrait and the second one is the passport data page photo. For some special reasons, the applicants upload both portraits or both passport photos.

2. Visa data inconsistent with passport details

The entered information must be exact as the passport details. This seems to be very common mistakes as the applicants entered the information for e-visa unmatching the passport details. The mistakes can be missing full name, wrong spelling, incorrect date of birth, 1 extra or missing character in passport number. When the applicants entered the information incorrectly, the visa will be issued with this wrong information that makes their boarding declined.

Tips: Input the name as full as it displayed in the ICAO line with the same sequence.

3. Wrong date format

The date format in the application form is dd/mm/yyyy however some applicants fill in with mm/dd/yyyy format as their habit of writing. You should notice it when filling the fields: date of birth, passport expiry date and planned date of entry. All these forms are in the same format dd/mm/yyyy. If the order is reversed the visa will be issued wrongly and you will not be allowed to board the flight until you have a new visa with correct date format issued.

Tips: See the field “grant e-visa valid from” and “to” at the bottom, only the day changed and the month remains unchanged.

4. Unchangeable entry ports

The entry ports are stated on e-visa and the applicants can not change the ports after the visa is issued. Due to some reasons the flight can not depart as scheduled and the applicants have to change the flight. In this case, the entry port must be the same as it stated on e-visa. You can not enter Vietnam via Tan Son Nhat International Airport (in Ho Chi Minh City) while your visa shows “Allowed to entry through Ho Chi Minh City Seaport checkpoint”.

Tips: Check your entry ports carefully, Tan Son Nhat International Airport (in Ho Chi Minh City) is not Ho Chi Minh City Seaport.

5. Skip applying visa for accompanying children

When applying for an e-visa you can see the item: “Under 14 years old accompanying child(ren) included in your passport (if any)”. Please note that the item will be used if your children's name is included in your passport only. In case your children have their own passports, they must have a separate visa like the adults. Some parents don’t know about this so they apply for their visa, add the children’s name on the same visa application even the children have their own passport.

Finally, when the visa is issued, the name of children is listed on the parent's visa but actually they don’t appear on parent passports. That means your children have no visa and they can not get on the plane.

Tips: Remember to apply for a visa for children if they have their own passport.

Should you need any further assistance, please email us to or contact us via hotline number + 84 912 685 141. We are happy to assist you at our best.

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