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Ho Chi Minh City Airport (Tan Son Nhat Airport) map

The visa and Immigration procedures at Ho Chi Minh City Airport (Tan Son Nhat Airport) is simple and straightforward. The process should take around 15 minutes. Photo service is available, however, it is strongly recommended that you have your visa photos taken in advance.


Ho Chi Minh City International Airport is located 4 miles (6 km) north of Ho Chi Minh City center.

Ho Chi Minh City Airport map

Ho Chi Minh City Airport map - Arrival:

Ho Chi Minh City Airport map - Departures:

Procedure for visa stamping at the airport

For those who enter any countries do not want to waste time for queuing in stamping visa at the airport should pay attention to our notices in order to make convenient for you. All necessary documents as below should be prepared carefully and accurately:

  • The Vietnam visa approval letter that we send to you via email must be printed and taken together with you to the airport.
  • Bring your original passport to the airport and make sure that its valid remains at least 6 months. Your passport is required at least one blank page where the visa sticker can be placed.
  • Take some money in cash for paying visa stamping fee at Vietnam airport (US$ 45 for 1 month single entry visa; US$ 65 for 29 days multiple entry visa and US$ 95 for 3 month multiple entry visa).
  • Take two passport-sized photos together.
The wait time hardly exceeds 30 minutes and is usually around 15 minutes. You are required showing all documents mentioned-above to the Immigration Officer and pay stamping fee directly. If you do not forget information, you will not get any hassle.

From Ho Chi Minh City Airport to city

There are five taxi companies for your choice below:
1 - Mai Linh taxi - Green
2 - Vina taxi
3 - Vinasun taxi

Tips for catching a taxi in Ho Chi Minh City:
- Ensure the driver turns the meter on and does not try to negotiate the fare with you.
- Only catch a quality taxi such as Vinasun or Mai Linh taxi.
- As you get into the taxi take note or write down the taxi number as well as details of the driver, in case you leave something behind or need to make a complaint or compliment.
- Passengers need to pay for tolls (airport, road, bridge, ferry tolls) these tolls can vary from VND 5,000 for the aiport toll to VND 10,000 for most bridge and road tolls.

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