Can I enter Vietnam earlier than the date given in the letter of approval?


Actually I have a visa approval letter for arrival already for July 28th. However, I need to enter Vietnam earlier than that date since I have a sudden business here.  Is it possible to arrive on July 27th and request for admission with it?



Dear Mr Tommy,

Theoretically, nobody is allowed to arrive in the country earlier than the date given in the approval letter. That means you can enter Vietnam on or after July 28th only. However, we encounter the sudden entry of our customers which is raised before the given date and we try to sort it out by negotiating with the Vietnam Immigration Officer for a solution.

Upon having your new arrival date, we recommend you to re-apply for another visa if you have got enough time. Otherwise, you should contact us by email or telephone +84912 685 141 as soon as possible. We will send our staff to the airport to pick you up, work with the Vietnam Immigration Officer and complete the immigration procedures for you totally. Normally, the service fee is including the stamping fee thus you don’t have to pay any extra money. What you need to hand over to our staff is your passport, 2 passport-sized photos and the copy of visa approval letter with the entry date given to the following days. We will work with it and we assure that you will get your visa even you arrive in Vietnam earlier.

Best regards,


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