How many blank page of the passport is required for Vietnam visa?

Dear e-Vietnamvisa team,

I have an inquiry regarding the VOA process.
I would like to know if travelers require a full blank page in their passport to complete the VOA process once in Vietnam or is the VOA document and presentation of the passport all that is required for completion of the process?
I currently have space in my passport for stamps, however no full spare pages for a visa sticker.

Your help is greatly appreciated.



Hi Ally,

As the international convention since passports were standardized is that in order to enter a country, your passport should have two blank contiguous pages and a validity of the passport is not less than six months from the date that you depart the country.

In this case, your passport has a space for stamp but no page for visa sticker is not qualified for Vietnam visa. Perhaps, it is time to renew your passport.

Kind regards,

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