How to fix errors in the approval letter at the last minutes?

You have applied for Vietnam visa for a long time and received your visa approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department already but unfortunately, you did not check the information printed on the letter. The errors occurred and you might have to face with your trip cancellation at the last minutes. Here is one of those errors:

– Typo errors: Your name on the approval letter does not match with the name appeared on your passport (1-2 characters missing or excess, “I” instead of “L” for example…)

– Wrong entered date of birth or passport number or,

– Wrong proposed entry date…

The minor flaws can be overlooked however in some cases, travelers were forced to return to the departure as those errors are not accepted by the Vietnam Immigration Officers

Upon detection of such errors, if you have got enough time we recommend you to re-apply for another visa. In case there is not enough time to re-apply for a new one, you can contact us and we will send our staff to the airport to pick you up and complete immigration procedures for you. Our staff will work with the Immigration Officers to sort out the errors and you will definitely get your visa within few minutes.

For further information, please refer to Vietnam immigration fast track service or contact us by phone +84 912 685 141 or by email We will definitely assist you at our best!

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