Is that possible to leave on the day of visa expiration?

My visa in Vietnam expires May 1st, can I buy a plane ticket to fly out of Vietnam on May 1st or do I need to leave the day before expiration? I found one forum entry where a person said a visa is valid until midnight on the day of expiration, meaning it would be okay if I leave Vietnam before midnight on May 1st. Is that true? Or do I have to leave April 30th, before the expiration date?



Be kindly explained that your visa will be valid through the end of 1 May 2014. Thus you don’t have to leave before expiration date 1 May 2014, 24:00.

You can look back your visa approval letter, if you applied for Vietnam visa on arrival before, it is said that: “In regard to your letter of [date] number [REF number], requesting for a person to enter and exit Vietnam for the purpose of tourism (or business), the Immigration Department responds as follow:

Mr or Mrs… is permitted to enter and exit Vietnam 1 (or multiple) times from [date D1] to [date D2]

In your case, date D1 and date D2 is 1 April and 1 May respectively. Therefore you can definitely stay in Vietnam until the end of 1 May 2014.

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