How many of Vietnam visa entry and exit form are required?

I have received my Vietnam visa approval letter with the instruction to get visa stamped at arrival airport. I was instructed to download an “Entry and exit form” (arrival form or M3 form) and I am ready to complete. However, when I look down the bottom of the form, it is said that:

“Note: Please fill in two forms (attaching two latest photos, in 4×6 cm size, with a face straight forward) submit one form to the Vietnam visa issuing office, or consulate and the other to frontier, police post upon arrival”

So how can I locate Vietnam visa issuing office? I live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Is there a local office in Atlanta? Is there a charge to submit this form to the visa office? How many copy of this form are required? Please advise how I should do this and am I using the correct form.

I appreciate your assistance.



Hi Nancy,

Regarding to visa on arrival form (Entry and exit form or M3 form), we would like to advise that you will need to fill out 1 form only. This form will be submitted to the Vietnam Immigration Office at arrival airport which is mentioned  in the M3 form as visa issuing office. There is no charge to submit this form but you are obliged to pay a stamping fee before having your visa completed.

Should you learn more about Vietnam immigration process at the airport and the guidance on how to complete your arrival form.

Hope this will help!

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