How many of Vietnam visa entry and exit form are required?

I have received my Vietnam visa approval letter with the instruction to get visa stamped at arrival airport. I was instructed to download an “Entry and exit form” (arrival form or M3 form) and I am ready to complete. However, when I look down the bottom of the form, it is said that:

“Note: Please fill in two forms (attaching two latest photos, in 4×6 cm size, with a face straight forward) submit one form to the Vietnam visa issuing office, or consulate and the other to frontier, police post upon arrival”

So how can I locate Vietnam visa issuing office? I live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Is there a local office in Atlanta? Is there a charge to submit this form to the visa office? How many copy of this form are required? Please advise how I should do this and am I using the correct form.

I appreciate your assistance.

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