Proposed cyclo ban in the capital draws criticism

The proposed ban of cyclos on the city streets of Hanoi is a denial of a tradition and part of a culture that has existed for many years, said one tourism expert.



Cyclos serve sightseeing tourists 


Deputy Director of the Institute for Tourism Development Research, Pham Trung Luong, made his opposition to the ban public while speaking to a DTiNews reporter after local authorities made the recommendation of banning the vehicles in order to improve the traffic situation. Continue reading

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Top 10 tips for women travelling alone



1. Read as much as you can before travelling. Some forums such as tripadvisor or lonelyplanet is really useful.

2. Do as the locals do: Study at what local women are wearing. Do they have their shoulders covered? Are they sunbathing? Avoid drawing unwelcome attention to yourself.

3. Plan your itinerary each day and make sure you know how to get there and back.

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