How to obtain 3 months single or multiple Vietnam visa on arrival?

Many people are wondering if 3 months single or multiple entry visa on arrival will take more time to issue than 1 month visa or not?

Regarding this question, we would like to advise that 3 months Vietnam visa on arrival (single or multiple entry) can be issued within 1 to 2 hours (in emergency) or less than 36 hours (in normal).

At present 2014, the applicants can apply for 3 month visa online easily, not too much effort as the visa applied at the local Vietnam Embassy where people have to visit twice – one for documents submission and another for getting back your passport with visa stamp. Vietnam visa on arrival is beneficial for those who is living far away from the Vietnam Embassy or who don’t have much time waiting for their visa approval. Somebody, who are anxious of sending their passport off when applying for Vietnam visa at the embassy always select this way to get 3 months visa instead. Moreover, visa on arrival is the best plan for financial criteria which you can do for your trip to Vietnam, even it is not too much. Continue reading

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Vietnam visa for retired Indian citizens

Dear e-Vietnamvisa,

My wife and I are retired and we both hold India passport. Now we are living in Singapore on a social long stay visa. We plan to travel through South East Asia countries by train, during the month of August, 2014. Do we need a visa to enter and re-enter Vietnam during our journey?

Kathesth Continue reading

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How many of Vietnam visa entry and exit form are required?

I have received my Vietnam visa approval letter with the instruction to get visa stamped at arrival airport. I was instructed to download an “Entry and exit form” (arrival form or M3 form) and I am ready to complete. However, when I look down the bottom of the form, it is said that:

“Note: Please fill in two forms (attaching two latest photos, in 4×6 cm size, with a face straight forward) submit one form to the Vietnam visa issuing office, or consulate and the other to frontier, police post upon arrival”

So how can I locate Vietnam visa issuing office? I live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Is there a local office in Atlanta? Is there a charge to submit this form to the visa office? How many copy of this form are required? Please advise how I should do this and am I using the correct form.

I appreciate your assistance.

Nancy Continue reading

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Letter of approval said it is for business purposes, actually it is for my tourism purposes

Recently, I have applied for 3 months Vietnam visa for a vacation via In the approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department, it is said that I am permitted to enter and exit Vietnam for purpose of business activities. Does it cause any problem with my entry and how can I fill in M3 form (Entry and exit form) at the purpose of visit?

Adam Timmy Continue reading

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Is that Vietnam visa on arrival used in emergency only?



I am inquiring if the visa on arrival process/letter is permitted U.S citizens on tourist purpose.  I recently contacted the Vietnam Embassy and they informed me that the visa on arrival is only for an emergency.  Please let me know there is something that I have misunderstood.  Thank you!

Long T Sy Continue reading

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