Common mistakes may happen to e-visa Vietnam 2019

1. Delayed delivery
Normally, e-visa will be delivered within 3 working days. Sometime, your visa approval may take up 1 week or more. In this case, you should think about the posibility that your e-visa application is rejected by the Vietnam Immigration Department. You should check your inbox to make sure that you don’t miss any email form the Vietnam Immigration Department. Otherwise, you will need to contact them via phone or email as soon as possible.
Please note that e-visa is at trial stage and the Vietnam Immigration Department is busy with a mountain of work that their support may not be efficient enough. Please be patient!
If you don’t hear anything from them and you fail to contact them after much effort, you may need another way and Vietnam visa on arrival is highly recommended.

2. Typos or spelling mistake
Once you receive your e-visa from the Vietnam Immigration Department, please double check the information against your passport carefully. You also need to check other important information like the proposed date of arrival, entry port, visa type… to make sure everything is correct. If there is any mistake, please contact the Vietnam Immigration Department as soon as possible to correct it. Any small mistake may cause a serious problem when you checking in.

3. Port of entry changes
You have 28 entry ports including airports, border gates on land and sea ports. You will choose 1 and it could not be changed after e-visa issued.

4. Money refund
If your visa is rejected by the Vietnam Immigration Department, your money will not be refunded.

5. Passport images
You should take a picture of your passport clearly, full page with 2 ICAO lines included. You may see the warning from the Vietnam Immigration Department said: “Passport data image is incorrect”. In this case you will need to take another copy of your passport and resubmit.
The photos and picture of your passport should not be taken at super high quality with too big size. Try to resize the photos to less than 1,024kb before uploading to the visa portal.

6. Payment issues
The Vietnam Immigration Department co-operate with 3rd party to provide the online payment method. The portal sometime is broken and you could not complete the payment with your credit cards or debit cards. In this case you should leave it back and try with another browser later.

7. Download e-visa problem
You got a notification from the system informing that your e-visa completed however you can not download it in PDF. Please try to take a snapshot of the screen and print it. Although the image quality is not good enough, you can explain to the immigration officers at visa desk about the difficulty and you will go through.

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