How to fix errors in the approval letter at the last minutes?

You have applied for Vietnam visa for a long time and received your visa approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department already but unfortunately, you did not check the information printed on the letter. The errors occurred and you might have to face with your trip cancellation at the last minutes. Here is one of those errors:

– Typo errors: Your name on the approval letter does not match with the name appeared on your passport (1-2 characters missing or excess, “I” instead of “L” for example…)

– Wrong entered date of birth or passport number or,

– Wrong proposed entry date… Continue reading

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Tourists surge in Dien Bien on the 60th anniversary of Dien Bien Phu Victory

As close to the day of the 60th anniversary of Dien Bien Phu Victory, the number of domestic and international tourists to Dien Bien are rising rapidly. According to the statistics of the Dien Bien province tourism, the average daily 4-5 thousand tourists visit the relics of the Dien Bien Phu Campaign on these days. Only from 15 March to 15 April, the number of visitors has reached more than 85 thousand visitors, including nearly 2 thousand international visitors. Continue reading

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How to find the Immigration Counter at Ho Chi Minh City arrival airport?

Finding the Immigration Counter to get visa stamped on your passport is the final steps of Vietnam visa on arrival process.

Once you land on Ho Chi Minh City Airport, you need to go to Immigration Counter at the arrival airport to get visa stamped. All prepared documents (including approval letter, valid passport, 1 passport-sized photo, entry and exit form) and stamping fee will be handed over to the Immigration Officers there. Normally, you have to wait in line for a few minutes before having your name called by the officers. Please make sure that all above documents are ready when your turn comes. Continue reading

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Problem with single entry visa, extremely urgent to continue the trip in Vietnam

My friend and his wife went to Vietnam on a single entry visa. They left Vietnam for Cambodia and now cannot return because the visa was expired and they need a multiple entry visa.  How can they get it immediately to continue to Vietnam?

Martha, Continue reading

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Emergency and last minute Vietnam visa on arrival

Sometime the travelers make a massive mistake in not finding out what exactly they need to prepare before they go travelling to Vietnam, including Vietnam visa. Sometime it not their mistake as there is a sudden trip for meeting in Vietnam on Monday without prior notice.


In this case, an emergency Vietnam visa on arrival is your first and only choice. We can help to contact with the Vietnam Immigration Department to issue a visa approval letter in a same day or within 1 or 2 hours to send you via email. Like your flight e-ticket, Vietnam visa on arrival is a legal document which allows you boarding the flight to Vietnam and getting a stamp on your passport at arrival airport. You don’t have to wait for visa approval at the Vietnam Embassy with complicated procedures which may take several days. You can submit a visa application online now right from your home or office, or even at the airport where you are going to take a flight. Continue reading

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How Belgians citizens living in UK apply for Vietnam visa?

Vietnam immigration policy regulated that all Belgians citizens do need a visa to enter Vietnam for leisure or business purposes. From United Kingdom, Belgians applicants may have 2 options to get a visa to Vietnam: getting a visa at the Vietnam Embassy in United Kingdom or applying for a Vietnam visa online. Vietnam visa online (known as e-visa or visa on arrival) seems to be the easiest way for Belgians citizens to get a visa for Vietnam if they want to avoid the complicated procedures and bureaucracy.

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3 months multiple entry Vietnam visa on arrival for Belgium passport holders

Basically, Vietnam visa categorized in 2 main types: Vietnam tourist visa and business visa. Belgium passport holders can apply for Vietnam business visa online at lower cost with simple procedures or apply at the Vietnam Embassy in foreign countries.

Business visa is granted to those who enter Vietnam for business purposes or who have a leisure trip which takes longer than one month. A business visa is normally valid for three months (single or multiple entry). The Belgium businessmen need to get an official entry clearance from their sponsors, usually their employers if they apply for a visa at the Vietnam Embassy in Belgium. If you, a Belgian citizen, do not have any business partners, employers, or other sponsors who can provide you with an entry clearance, you can also apply for a business visa on arrival for a stay of up to 90 days. Continue reading

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Emergency Vietnam visa for UK citizens from Singapore at the weekend

All the Vietnamese government offices close at the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) including the Vietnam Embassies or Consulates in abroad and the Vietnam Immigration Department as well. In consequence of this shutting down, the normal processing visa requests will be held until to Monday next week.

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Emergency Vietnam visa from Incheon International Airport


Today,  many people fly into Vietnam from Incheon International Airport (South Korea) for vacation or business trip. Vietnam visa is one of very important thing they should prepare in advance if they don’t want to miss their trip. However, some people think that they can get Vietnam visa on arrival once they land on Vietnam without any processed paperwork. That is NOT true! Your trip might be end up with delaying the flight or waiting at the airport until the visa is approved. Some airlines allows its passengers boarding the flight without checking visa approval letter beforehand while the others do check carefully. If you don’t have an approval letter you might be denied to board the flight. Even you can get on board you might be expelled as soon as landing on Vietnam. Continue reading

Share and Enjoy offers 20% discount of Vietnam visa to the return customers



Grateful to our customers who have been going with us over last 6 years, we would like to express our gratitude by offering a special program on Vietnam visa processing fee discounted up to 20% to the return customers.

This promotional program is granted to those who have applied for a Vietnam visa through our website successfully at least 1 time. From the 2nd time, you are given a promotional discount code going with the registered email. When making an online application, you just need to provide these information and the processing fee will be discounted 20% automatically. The discounted amount will not be limited, depending on your application amount, and anyone who own this promotional code can enjoy it. Continue reading

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